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MICE Management

Smooth Execution

Tell us your requirement, and we can do the rest so you don't need to.

Kainos Events' plans the flow of your project, chooses the appropriate suppliers, and will stand by until the end of the project.

MICE Management: Services


How fast can you deliver? 

We need at least 20 days working time for a bespoke booth. Here at Kainos Events, we understand that every project is unique. The timeframe quoted above is applicable only when the final design and arrangements has been settled.

Do you have your own warehouse?

Yes. We have two warehouses conveniently located in Bangkok its outskirts.

Will you provide on site assistance?

Yes. We take care of all your requirements as needed. Here at Kainos Events we make sure that you start every exhibit with confidence that your exhibit booth is complete and outstanding.

Can you also take care of exhibit booths in the nearby countries?

Definitely! Although our address is listed at Bangkok, Thailand, we at Kainos Events are more than capable and willing to provide our services throughout the ASEAN region.

MICE Management: FAQ

If you have any more inquiries, click on the button below and send us an email!

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